Light. Crispy. Organic.

Certified Organic potatoes

Offering a certified organic potato chip means that everything – how the potatoes are grown, then cooked and seasoned – is carefully monitored to ensure the certification. For that reason, organic potato farmers are not as prevalent as traditional chip potato farmers as they have to adhere to more stringent farming protocols. Yet on that front, we have super passionate farming partners who have dedicated their blood, sweat, tears, and livelihoods to growing organic potatoes for us.

Skins on, zero waste.

It turns out that by using every bit of our potatoes (they are cooked with their skins on), we’re not only reducing waste, but there’s the added bonus of color, texture, and flavor! It actually makes us wonder why all chips aren’t cooked this way.

Light and Crispy. Not kettle cooked.

We wanted our chips to be closer in appearance to a traditionally cooked potato chip, but even crispier. So we cut them thin and cook them traditionally. That is to say that unlike kettle cooking where the chips are batch-cooked in cooler oil, ours are cooked on a conveyer belt in a traditional manner. However, ours are cooked in a light, high oleic organic sunflower oil. 

Chef-designed organic seasonings.

Our no-compromise organic seasonings are designed by an internationally certified chef who has a passion for designing flavors for potato chips specifically – we’re not kidding. Our chips are lightly dusted with organic seasonings – striking a subtle balance that lets the bold(ish) flavors stand out, while allowing the natural butteryness of the organic potato to nudge through.

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