Products and Ingredients

We only use locally grown, organic potatoes. We slice them thin, keeping the skin on for extra flavor. Then, we cook them up the old-fashioned way and sprinkle them with all-natural, organic seasonings from our certified Potato Chip Chef. And to do our part for the planet, we package them in eco-friendly Plastic Neutral packaging.

Yes, most of our products are vegan: The original, Bbq and Salt and vinegar.

Yes, they are all vegetarian.

All our products are certified Organic by Ecocert.

Yes, we are also certified Gluten-Free.

All our flavors have 250 calories for a consumption of 28 chips.

  1. We are keeping the skin on our potatoes. We’re not only reducing waste, but there’s a bonus of colour, texture, and flavour! 
  2. Also, when our bags have only 3 months of shelf-life left, we take our bags to donate to organizations, events or groceries for demos.

Selling Humble Chips

Join us on our journey to bring healthy organic food to your local grocery stores!

In Canada, we have several regional distributors throughout the country (Horizon in the West, PSC Natural Foods on Vancouver Island, and Satau in Quebec). Additionally, we have UNFI Canada selling Humble Potato Chips across Canada, in all provinces. In the United States, you can purchase our products through UNFI (all DCs).

Please go on our store locator to have a better idea of which store is the closest to you.


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For any corporate request, send us an email with all your information at hello@humchips.com

For any sponsorship requests, send us an email with all your information at hello@humchips.com