Sel de Mer & Vinaigre de Cidre

Sel de Mer & Vinaigre de Cidre

Des tons doux de vinaigre de cidre de pomme délicatement complétés par un saupoudrage de sel marin.


Pommes de terre biologiques, huile de tournesol biologique, poudre de vinaigre de cidre de pomme biologique (maltodextrine biologique, vinaigre de cidre de pomme biologique), sucre de canne biologique, sel de mer, solides de sirop de tapioca biologique, acide citrique (pour le goût).

Valeur Nutritive

Par 28 chips (50 g)

Calories 250

Lipide 16 g
Saturé 2 g + Trans 0 g

Valeur quotidienne


Glucides 28 g

Fibre 1 g

Sucre 1 g



Protéine 3 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 200 mg


Potassium 600mg


Calcium 20 mg


Fer 0.75 mg


*5 % ou moins, c’est peu, 15 % ou plus, c’est beaucoup

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Humble Snacks
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Megan ChenMegan Chen
23:55 15 Mar 23
Great chips! Tried the creamy dill flavour and it was probably the best I've had. They're not too salty or greasy, but they still have that satisfying crunch. Sometimes I find some chips to be hard or too thick and they end up almost cutting my cheek, but these chips are thin and perfectly cooked! 11/10!Also love how their bags are plastic free
14:58 15 Mar 23
Had the original flavour.Not overly greasy, not overly salted. Perfect snack! Will definitely buy it again.*Only complaint would be the bag tears easily, however the bag is plastic free.
Laurent LegerLaurent Leger
21:03 09 Mar 23
We found Humble chips at Costco and we are impressed. The chips are, as is printed on the bag, light and crispy. There is no greasy feeling about them and the taste is outstanding, just right in terms of salt and seasoning. The eco- friendly bag is a real plus and we are proud to support a Canadian company. It was our first bag but certainly not the last.
08:45 18 Feb 23
Absolutely LOVE the sea salt and cider vinegar one!!! I am normally not a big fan of chips and very picky when I do eat chips. But these were amazing the perfect thickness and crunch to it!! So tasty! The perfect amount of seasoning too. Literally ate the whole bag in one sitting lol and they’re organic wow 10/10
Coleen ThompsonColeen Thompson
03:18 01 Jul 22
I met Jeff today at Zehrs in Guelph and he stopped my son and I to offer us samples of his Humble Potato Chips. I made a joke about myself being 70% potatoe and gleefully accepted his sample. Both flavours that we tried were really great. While nibbling he told us about the brand and the difference they are making. I promptly scooped up a bag of all flavours. I've now had 3 out of 5 flavours and they are all delicious. Thanks Jeff! It was really nice seeing an owner out hustling the brand rather than someone paid to hand out samples. We are happy to support a local, organic and eco friendly product